Our Story

The concept of The Outdoor Kitchen Kit (TOKK) began when founder Troy Poll was working at his BBQ Supply store in St. George, UT. He had customers asking him for help with their outdoor kitchen projects, but Troy only sold the appliances, he didn’t build outdoor kitchens. He would tell them he could sell them the grill, but past that, they would need to find a contractor who would build the kitchen for them. Time after time, customers would come back into the store, frustrated that they couldn’t get contractors to return phone calls, and when they did return phone calls, they were much more expensive or six months out before even beginning the project. Enough was enough, and Troy decided to take the problem into his own hands and devise a solution. 

After over a year of research, training, testing, and improvement, he developed a product that solved the biggest problems with an outdoor kitchen. This solution was less expensive, more durable, and could be installed in a few hours rather than waiting weeks or months to get started. The Outdoor Kitchen Kit was born. Shortly after, Troy brought on Skip Boyce, who spearheads our production and operations, thus allowing TOKK to grow to a new level. We are now growing our reseller network to allow more people to get a lasting & beautiful kitchen, installed by professionals, across the country. The Outdoor Kitchen Kit is changing the way people view outdoor kitchens. Finally, a quality outdoor kitchen is now more accessible than ever before.