Terms, Conditions, & Warranty

1. Entire Agreement

When placing an order with The Outdoor Kitchen Kit, Inc. (“TOKK” or “we” or “us”), you willingly, voluntarily, and unconditionally accept these Terms & Conditions and our Terms of Service. These documents constitute the comprehensive and exclusive agreement governing the entirety of the sale and purchase between you and TOKK, encompassing all relevant terms and conditions. Any prior or contemporaneous oral or written agreements, assurances, communications, representations, or inducements made by any TOKK employee or representative are hereby annulled and extinguished, with no binding effect on TOKK or reliance permitted by you for any purpose. Amendments to these Terms & Conditions are only legally valid if documented in a written Addendum signed by both the customer and TOKK’s authorized representative. Any attempted or purported verbal adjustments to these Terms & Conditions are legally null, void, and non-binding. No provision within these Terms & Conditions can be waived or modified through verbal agreement, including, but not limited to, the terms outlined in Section 1.

These Terms & Conditions apply to your purchase of any products from TOKK’s authorized dealers or resellers.

TOKK reserves the right to alter, adjust, or amend these Terms & Conditions at its discretion. Such changes will become effective upon their posting on our Sites. By making a purchase, you acknowledge and agree to regularly review these Terms & Conditions beforehand to stay informed about any modifications.

2. Final Sale

This sale is conclusive and cannot be canceled by you under any circumstances. All payments, whether made through credit card, check, or financing, are non-refundable. You will only receive the products, quantities, models, or options that you have personally purchased, with the exception of Damaged or Defective Items, as elaborated later in this agreement.

3. Product Page Information

The websites owned by TOKK might display an image that does not precisely correspond to the product but generally provides an illustration of its appearance. Rest assured, we will dispatch the item you’ve ordered, even if there are slight variations from the depicted image. Prior to making your purchase, kindly review the product information and specifications for accuracy.

4. Product Pricing

TOKK reserves the right to change item pricing or information at any time. If we lower the price of an item after your purchase is made, TOKK will not refund the difference to you.

5. Shipping

A. Shipping Carriers

TOKK has the exclusive right to decide which carrier delivers your purchased items. We do not control the independent carriers and shall not be held responsible for their acts or omissions. Once your shipment is in the hands of the carrier, we cannot change the shipping addresses or arrange for delivery on a certain day. We can provide approximate delivery dates based upon the information the carrier makes available to us. Please call us at 702-900-5620 to discuss any issues with your delivery.

B. Delivery of Purchased Items

Smaller Packaging

We dispatch smaller items through UPS and FedEx, requiring your signature upon delivery. It’s essential for you to be present at home to receive and sign for the delivery. Upon delivery, promptly open and inspect your shipment for any potential damage. Note any issues on the signature documents provided by the delivery driver. In case of damage, make a notation on the carrier’s paperwork or bill of lading before signing for the shipment and before the driver departs. Please contact us on the same day at 702-900-5620. We cannot be held responsible for any damage that is not noted by you at the time of delivery or reported to us immediately on the same day at 702-900-5620. Should you need to return products to the carrier at the time of delivery, they must be unused and in their original condition and packaging.

Larger Freight Items

We ship larger items and orders via freight carriers with your signature required. You must be home to receive and sign for the delivery. Freight drivers leave all shipments at the curb. If you have any issues with your freight shipment or have any questions, please call us at 702-900-5620. Please carefully note the following freight delivery requirements:

  • You need to be present at home to receive and sign for the delivery.
  • The majority of freight carriers typically do not schedule delivery calls, and while some may provide a delivery window, most furnish only a tracking number and an estimated delivery date. 
  • Freight products are generally shipped on a pallet and delivered via a semi-truck equipped with a lift gate.
  • The shipment will be dropped off at your curb.
  • You are solely responsible for transporting your shipment from where the product is delivered off the truck.
  • For safety purposes, we recommend having at least 2 helpers on standby to assist with transporting your delivery.
  • Any re-delivery cost is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Upon delivery, it is imperative that you promptly open and inspect your shipment for any signs of damage. Record any such issues on the signature documents provided by the delivery driver. In the event of damage, make a notation on the carrier’s paperwork or bill of lading before signing for the shipment and before the driver departs. Subsequently, contact us immediately on the same day at 702-900-5620. We cannot accept responsibility for damaged items that are not documented by you at the time of delivery or not reported to us on the same day. If you need to return products to the carrier during delivery, they must be unused and in their original condition and packaging.

C. Incorrect Addresses

In the event that any item is shipped and returned as non-deliverable due to an incorrect address, you are responsible for covering the shipping fees for both the initial shipment and the return. Additionally, you will be responsible for any additional re-delivery shipping fees incurred.

D. Shipping Outside the Continental United States

We do not currently ship items outside the continental United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. Contact us at 702-900-5620 with any questions.

6. Damaged Items

Upon delivery, it is crucial to promptly open and inspect all your purchased items for any potential damage. Make note of any such damage on the signature documents provided by the delivery driver. Even if you are not installing your product immediately, it is essential to inspect all items promptly for any damage. In the case of damaged items, it is imperative to notify the carrier before they depart and contact us on the same day at 702-900-5620; failure to do so will waive your product damage claim. Any damaged products returned to the delivery driver must be unused and in their original condition and packaging.

All claims for damaged items are subject to the following mandatory terms and conditions:

  • Report any damaged items to the carrier promptly upon delivery by recording such damage on the carrier’s paperwork or bill of lading. Ensure you contact us immediately on the same day at 702-900-5620.
  • If possible, decline acceptance of the item from the carrier.
  • Depending on our discretion, we may propose providing you with replacement parts, a discounted rate to retain the item as is, or authorize a return for a replacement. 
  • The damaged item should not be utilized in any manner, including installation or assembly. 
  • Should you opt to retain the item for a discounted price, you are required to respond within 3 business days to accept or decline the discount offer from us (please refrain from using the item during this period until a final offer or resolution is mutually agreed upon).
  • Retain all packaging, including the box and all components, in case the item needs to be returned to us.

If you fail to notate a damaged item on the carrier’s paperwork or bill of lading or if you fail to contact us immediately the same day at 702-900-5620, then:

  • We will not approve your damaged item claim.
  • No refunds, discounts, or replacement items will be offered or granted to you. This is non-negotiable.
  • We will only be able to sell you a replacement item or replacement parts for a repair.
  • Since no return will be approved, you are free to use the item if safe to do so.
  • We may require pictures of the item to determine any needed repair parts.

7. Warranty Claims

In the rare instance that you receive a defective product, please review your product’s manual and/or sales order for applicable warranty terms and conditions.  The defective item must still be within the manufacturer’s warranty period and coverage terms.

TOKK will warranty the structure of the kitchen including the countertops and side panels. TOKK will also warranty all TOKK Cabinetry. If your cabinetry is from a different manufacturer such as Summerset, the warranty will be made through the manufacturer directly. 

All Grills and Appliances will be warrantied directly through the manufacturer.

We will require the following information to process your warranty claim:

  • You must provide us with the order #, proof of purchase, a description of issue, and any pictures or video depicting the issue.
  • You must cooperate with us in attempting to troubleshoot the issue in order to verify that a defect actually exists.
  • We will review your claim, then approve or reject it.
  • If approved, the warranty process begins and service, parts, repair or any combination of those as needed will be provided in accordance with the warranty terms and conditions.
  • We may require you to return to us the item or parts for quality control purposes.
  • We will not reimburse you for any labor costs or project delays that may occur due to your receipt of a defective item. We recommend that you wait to schedule installation until after your order has arrived and all items have been fully inspected.

If your item has a defect outside of the warranty period or coverage terms:

  • We will not approve your warranty claim.
  • No refunds, discounts, or replacement items will be offered or granted.
  • We will be able to sell you a replacement item or parts for a repair. Contact us for pricing and availability.
  • Replacement items or parts may not be available for discontinued items.

8. Your Product Care Responsibilities

By making your purchase, you agree to accept and perform the following product care responsibilities: 

Grill, Appliances, & Cabinetry Maintenance (Stainless Steel)

Regular polishing and proper maintenance enhance the appearance of stainless steel and contribute to minimizing the risk of corrosion. Given that food particles and grease can lead to corrosion over time, we strongly advise cleaning your grill after every use!

Hard Surface Cleaning

In the event of surface rust, oxidation, corrosion, grime, mineral deposits, discoloration, or staining on your stainless steel, we suggest using an industrial-strength cleaner along with a non-abrasive microfiber towel or pad for cleaning. It’s important to note that surface rust, oxidation, corrosion, grime, mineral deposits, discoloration, staining, and cosmetic issues are not covered under warranty.

Grill Cleaning

Ensuring the cleanliness of the internal surfaces of your grill is essential for its proper care and maintenance. Utilize a cleaner specifically formulated to effectively remove grease and food debris, thereby reducing the risk of grease fires and corrosion on the inner surfaces.

Panel Cleaning

Though durable and weather resistant, you will need to clean off any food spills, grease buildup, or other uncleanliness to maintain its finish. Spraying with a hose should take care of most cleaning. Use a non-abrasive general surface cleaner to clean a little deeper and still reduce the risk of any damage or deterioration of the surface.

Sealing: Please note that your countertops do not require a sealer due to the high quality Cor-Tuf concrete used to make them. They don’t accept much moisture after fully cured. The application of a concrete is optional, although we do seal before they leave our factory. If you choose to re-apply, we recommend using Surecrete XS-327 (Amazon) or H&C Clearprotect Water Based 2-Part Polyurethane Clear Coat (Sherwin Williams).

Regular Cleaning: Clean the concrete regularly to remove dirt, debris, and spills. Use a mild soap or pH-balanced concrete cleaner and a soft-bristle brush or mop. Avoid harsh chemicals that may damage the concrete or the sealer.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaners: Do not use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, or harsh chemicals, as they can scratch the concrete surface.

Protect from Hot Objects: Use trivets or heat-resistant pads under hot cookware, grills, or other heated objects to prevent thermal shock and potential damage to the concrete.

Prompt Stain Removal: Wipe up spills promptly to prevent staining. Acidic substances like vinegar, citrus, or tomato should be cleaned immediately to avoid etching the surface.

Avoid Impact and Scratches: Be cautious when moving heavy or sharp objects on the concrete surface to prevent scratching or chipping. Consider using cutting boards to avoid direct cutting on the concrete. It’s also bad for the knife!

Gentle Pressure Washing: If needed, use a low-pressure washer to clean the concrete. Keep the nozzle at a safe distance to prevent damage. Avoid using high-pressure washers, as they may erode the sealer or damage the surface.

Gas Connections

Most of the grills/griddles/side burners we sell are convertible to/from NG or LP gas supply. For the safe and accurate installation or conversion of gas regulators, gas supply hoses, gas conversions, electrical lines, and plumbing connections, it is imperative to enlist the services of a licensed technician. Under no circumstances should a gas supply line be directly connected to an outdoor cooking gas appliance without the installation of a suitable pressure regulator for the gas supply type (NG or LP). The presence of a pressure regulator is mandatory for ensuring safe and effective operation. Failure to install a proper pressure regulator may lead to extreme temperatures, fire, and/or explosion, resulting in severe bodily injury, loss of life, property damage, and nullification of all warranties.

Grill & Appliance Covers

Protect your investment with custom-fit covers, which are sold separately.

9. Permitting

TOKK makes no warranty or representation as to any potential permitting requirements under any state or local laws, ordinances, building codes, Homeowner’s Association rules, or Condo Association rules, including without limitation, any permits that may be required for product installation or placement, gas connections, electrical connections, water/sewer connections, or property-line setbacks. Customer is solely responsible for determining and complying with any such ordinances, codes, and rules.

10. Waiver of Jury Trial

You and TOKK hereby knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally waive any right either party may have to a trial by jury in connection with any litigation related to or based upon the products purchased from TOKK.

11. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms & Conditions, please call us at 702-900-5620 or write to us at The Outdoor Kitchen Kit, 368 S Commerce St. #33, Hurricane, UT 84737.